And the first reviews are in….

plus, a few words about prejudice among Gen Y.

Today I read an article that might interest you in the Toronto Star, entitled “Gen Y’s reputation takes a thumping in a new study.”

Gen Y-ers are those born between the years 1982 and 2000, and according to the article they are lacking for the most part in social conscience, and are focused on “fame, fortune and image” rather than initiatives that benefit the larger community. (Their priorities may change when they learn how difficult goals in their chosen areas are to attain.)

On a positive note, the article says that the study found that this group (also known as “Millennials”), are “less racist, less sexist and overall less prejudiced” than previous generations.

Unfortunately, there is one exception: “Prejudice against those who are overweight is rising.”

If the number of overweight young people is rising constantly, and the number of young people who are prejudiced against overweight people is also rising, it seems to me that the battlefield will increasingly be inside the heads of individuals who are battling obesity themselves  ––  and those without social consciences or life goals that benefit others as well as themselves are most likely to be the ones who lose that battle.

Interesting times.

In Whole Clove news

The first reviews are in for The Whole Clove Diet, and if I receive no more I shall remain content forever. The current situation is far preferable to one in which there is even one negative review (and I’m sure there will be one at least eventually, if not avalanches of them). I am utterly pleased with the progress of my newest offspring so far.

(Here’s the review page, if you are interested.)

(Some of the reviewers also kindly cross-posted to GoodReads, which is appreciated.)



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2 responses to “And the first reviews are in….

  1. ruth stevenson

    Very interesting, Mary. I wouldn’t actually agree with the results of the research from the young people that I know, but I think fewer of us do volunteer or vote much anymore. The prejudice against people who are overweight is not new, is it? It certainly doesn’t help the overweight at all. It doesn’t help researches get money for the problem either. Sigh!

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