Publication Day: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On Tuesday, March 13, 2012, The Whole Clove Diet was released for sale.

In honour of the publication day, I am launching this blog with links to two of the kinds of articles that would fascinate Rita, and also fascinates me. It was my attempt to get my head around this kind of thinking (why can’t we simply DECIDE to lose weight, and do it?) that impelled me to start the novel in the first place.

Not much has changed in 12 years, which is about how long ago it is since I first sat down to tell Rita’s story: a lot of us are still waiting for the magic bullet.

The first article shows that workplace burnout is related to emotional eating. Duh.

The second reports on a newly published study that seems to suggest that a majority of Americans has grown more fearful of debt than of weight gain, if given the choice. I am not sure how we can put this information to use to anyone’s benefit, however.

The publication is a work in progress – the novel is available only as a paperback right now, and only on, and the “Look Inside” option is not up yet. But it is real. I have a copy right here in my hands (well, not in my hands right now because I’m typing, but you know what I mean), and on the day it was published, it received its first review. It has a reality beyond my mind and my computer – and after 12 years, it’s about time. 🙂



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