Breaking Habits

I came across this article the other day, which is a review of a new book about habits and how to break them by Charles Duhigg.

The book is called The Power of Habit, and the issues the author explores are applicable to almost everything we do on a regular basis in our daily lives – from driving to work to going for a drink at the end of the week. Those who are fighting to change personal habits in such areas as drinking, eating and smoking will be familiar with the triggers (or “cues,” as Duhigg calls them), and what they set off in terms of behavior and rewards. It looks as though Duhigg has some strategies for breaking the “habit loop” that I will be interested in testing on a few bad habits of my own.

In Whole Clove news…

The paperback version of The Whole Clove Diet is resoundingly thumping my first novel in the Amazon best-seller ranks! TWCD is at #1,055,369 and The Woman Upstairs is at #3,852,255.

The Woman Upstairs is a story about a young woman, Diana Guthrie, who must go home and confront her past when she learns that her mother — to whom she has not spoken in several years — is dying. It won the Writers Guild of Alberta award for excellence in Writing, Novel Category way back in 1988.

As a promotion for the impending release of the Kindle version of The Whole Clove Diet, I’ve made Kindle version of The Woman Upstairs  available at no charge for four days only.


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