Olympian attitudes towards food and exercise

The top athletes and their junk food

An article from The Week reminds me of the difference between us mortals and the gods and goddesses who are running, cycling and swimming around London at the moment.

“Pizza, beer, and ice cream are actually staples for some elite athletes, who gorge themselves on mountains of unhealthy food to meet 6,000-calorie daily quotients,” it says.

The problem with healthy food? You have to eat too much of it to meet the caloric goals these athletes require.

Then there’s the challenge of getting off the couch

From the same source, an item on an externally posed regime that failed to meet its mark. Apparently, British Olympic organizers pledged in 2005 to get two million U.K. citizens to exercise more before the games. Didn’t happen. This article tries to explain why.

I guess that’s just one more example of Rita’s finding in The Whole Clove Diet: change just has to start on the inside.

… and

In recent additions to the general confusion about exercise and diet, in the past week I have read that

Maybe the best idea is to just go on holidays, as Dave Seminara suggests.

I like that idea.



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2 responses to “Olympian attitudes towards food and exercise

  1. I think each of us is different, and that some day, they (scientists) will be able to tell us what we should eat, how often we need to exercise, or not, depending on our genes. That’s why some diets work for some people and not others, why all the exercise in the world doesn’t do a thing for some people, and why some can eat anything they want and never gain an unhealthy amount of weight. Ain’t fair.

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