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“Globesity”?? Ack! Now INVESTORS are looking at ways to make money off our extra pounds!!

Those of us who have been wandering into the obesity zone are now making at least one group’s mouth water with longing and desire (and I don’t mean people with a thing for big butts): The investment business.

That is reason enough to get rid of the weight. Who wants to be putting money in someone else’s pockets for such an unfortunate reason??? It’s like dying early to help the funeral business. Well, actually it’s almost the same thing.

Even the director of Weight Watchers is trying to climb onto the financial bandwagon, riding on our slightly too-broad backs.

Membership in WW is plummeting due to all the on-line competition, s0 — to take advantage of the huge health-care costs associated with weight issues — the $2.5 Billion business is working its little brain cells out trying to figure out how to convince insurers to subsidize the fees for Weight Watchers attendees.

Remember, my dear readers: It makes NO difference what weight-loss/exercise program you follow (as long as it gives you a balanced diet and makes you feel great!  and energetic! instead of deprived). Weight Watchers? Jenny Craig? The Zone? They all work!  You just have to have your head in the right place: all the rest will follow.

As I have proven, at least temporarily, using the principles Rita discovers in The Whole Clove Diet (which is NOT a diet book. It is a novel!), just eliminating sugar from your diet and getting out for a few walks when you are in the right head space will help you hugely.

I am down 17.5 lbs in two months  (equivalent to the weight of two human heads apparently, speaking of head space, or a sperm whale’s brain) with these small changes (and a few other adjustments to my diet that I’ll be happy to share with you if you are interested.)

Don’t let them cash in on us! But don’t get mad! Just get slenderer!

Thank you. End of speech de jour.


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